Give up smokes for good is a campaign supporting Aboriginal people in South Australia to quit smoking and to help our mob become healthier.

If you want to quit smoking or help someone else to quit, you're in the right place. The Give up smokes for good website provides plenty of information about:

  • The dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke
  • Ways to give up
  • How to stay quit
  • Where to get support
  • How to help others
  • Courses and resources
  • Becoming a smoke-free organisation

Advertising is a big and important part of the campaign, but Give up
smokes for good
is so much more than that. It's a movement that is
building momentum through its support of community events and by
bringing everyday Aboriginal people on board as ambassadors to
champion the cause.

So why do we need our own campaign and our own website? Smoking prevalence among our mob is more than double that of everyone else. We're aiming to reduce smoking in our community by 30% by 2016. Meeting this target is going to take a huge amount of effort, but with a strong campaign behind us, we can Give up smokes for good.

Quitting smoking is a journey. Mine starts now.